Engineer / Producer


Preston 'Prizzie" Reid is an American mixing/recording engineer and record producer based in Atlanta, Georgia, Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois. As a native of Chicago, Prizzie was born the son of a musician and was introduced to music as well as electronics at a very young age. Preston spent his teenage years developing his skill set, soon partnering with Space Jam Jaye as a collaborative duo. Shortly after attending Columbia College Chicago, Prizzie set sights for the music scene in Los Angeles where he quickly gained a name for himself not only in music, but in film audio and scoring as well under CannonVision among many other film production companies. Since then he has relocated to Atlanta, GA where he has mixed and/or produced records for Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and several other genres for record lables and artists includingEpic Records, BMG Publishing, Sony ATV Publishing, T.I,  Fetty Wap, T Pain, Drake, 2 Chainz, Cam'ron, Migos, Ab Soul, Gucci Mane, Cap1, Yo Gotti, GBE, various film credits and many other very talented artists and producers along with a variety of film credits.